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Brian Edwards may be a celebrated talent executive, multi-award winning producer, writer and occasional performer, but in his close circle of friends, he is known quite simply as Miss Thang.

The late, great Joan Rivers wrote the foreword and Cindy Crawford penned the introduction to his recent autobiography, Enter Miss Thang, which became a national best seller and ultimately the most honored LGBT Non-Fiction Book of 2014.

"Brian is the perfect example of a true friend-and to so many. Enter Miss Thang is his story, filled with humor and passion for his work and the people he loves the most. A diva indeed, but it's a title he's definitely earned by managing to survive almost thirty years in Hollywood, cushioned by intelligence, flamboyance, gut instinct, loyalty, and, most of all, his sense of humor."

-Vanessa Williams, Multi-platinum recording artist and star of stage, television, and film.